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Yangzhou Hurricane Lanterns Co Ltd

Kerosene stoves,electric hot plates,kerosene heaters,charcoal irons,enamel el...

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  • Contact Person: David Wong
  • Tel: 86-514-87955800
  • Mobile: w_gefei@hotmail.com
  • Fax: 86-514-87850800
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We mainly handle exports of
Kerosene stoves,electric hot plates,kerosene heaters,charcoal irons,enamel teapots,enamel electric kettles,enamel pails,ice buckets,enamel stock pots,enamel ice bowls,enamel frypans,enamel buckets,kerosene stove wicks,kerosene heater wicks.
LED hurricane lanterns,kerosene hurricane lanterns,kerosene lanterns,pressure lanterns,gas lanterns,kerosene lamps,LED lanterns,gas mantles,lantern globes,lamp chimneys,lamp wicks.
White candles,tealight candles,candle lanterns,candle holders,patio torches,smudge pots,garden torch wicks and candle wicks.
Hand rotary drills,breast drills,ratchet drills,siphon pumps,barrel pumps,semi rotary hand pumps,drum pumps,pitcher pumps,hand press water pumps,hand-operated grinding-wheel machines.
Meat mincers,corn grinders,sausage stuffers,ice shaving machines,wheatgrass juicers,pasta machines,ham-making machines and corn threshers. 
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